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“Kathleen has a beautiful and quiet command of what I try to convey. She is a wealth of imagery;

truly unique.” ~ Mary, client since 1998, little merry fellows and the little green barn

“I first met Kathleen about six years ago at a fair where she was selling her beautiful handmade cards, stationary and signs. I immediately trusted her and felt comfortable with her. I knew that I was in the presence of a gifted being. Some time later we connected and she designed the Adivasi Body logo. I remember sitting with her for over an hour going on and on about myself and what I liked and didn’t like (a narcissistic indulgence). She sat smiling patiently, taking it all in and she really did, she took it all in. I couldn’t believe it when she showed me her ideas for the logo, not one but quite a few. She gave me choices and one was more beautiful than the next! She heard my words and used her alchemy to create something beautiful and meaningful. She continues to put up with me, always encouraging, supportive and kind. I value her so much as my friend and remain awed by her talent. “ ~ Lisa,  Adivasi Body

“Right from the start, Kathleen understood what I needed for a website. Overall, the end result far exceeded my expectations, both in working with Kathleen and the web site design. ~ John,

Mastercraft AGA Custom Installations

“For nearly 30 years I’ve observed Kathleen’s artistic abilities develop into something exquisite; and always current with the latest technology. I highly recommend taking your first step to the “w.w.w.” with Kathleen.” ~ Cheryl, Calligrapher and colleague

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”  ~ Leonardo da Vinci

And now, a few words from some of my clients.

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