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Web Design, Business Card Design

This site was created for an Entertainer with over 50 years in the entertainment industry. It changes frequently to reflect his schedule, booking, and new releases.

Web Design, Logo Design, Product Label Designs, Postcards

Adivasi Body is a small aromatherapy company located in Bridgewater, Connecticut. Their products are pure and simple, made with earth friendly ingredients and pure essential oils. The web site reflects the purity and simplicity of the products.

Web Design, Letterhead, Postcards

Mastercraft Custom Aga Installations

Website for multi-talented craftsman and Aga-certified installer and engineer, with over 25 years experience as a general contractor and owner of Mastercraft Builders.

Identity/Logo Design

Lee Capital Advisors, LLC

“Lee Cap” specializes in financial solutions for renewable energy and conservation.

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